Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart **

A play by Caridad Svich
The LIDA Project at BINDERY | space (Denver, CO)
February 2 – 12, 2017
Direction / Sound Design / Projection Design + Live Mix / Producer

“Caridad’s impressive language is full of poetry with a grounded concrete quality that reminds me of the wonderful rootedness of William Carlos Williams. In the dramatic rules of the Svich universe, everything is possible.” – Matthew Maguire, TheatreForum

Blending sex, death, fame, drugs and love into a theatrical paste, playwright Caridad Svich’s work imagines a post-modern world that has changed little from the cold calculations and moral machinations of Greek society. Blending original text with modernist twists and stories of murder and mayhem south of the border, Svich creates mesmeric motion, pummeling every sense with dance-beat and drug-tinged escapism.

Projection Design Process
The video projections for this work were designed as the main focal backdrop for the action of this modern re-telling of the Greek myth Iphigenia. The process included the preparation and editing of found video, the creation of Flash animation and pre-recorded scenes of the theatrical action. Using dual projectors, 2 live feed cameras, and 8 monitors, the entire show was ‘mixed’ and projected live. The final outcome was a multi-layered experience that used the pre-recorded elements as a secondary story element while overlaying and superimposing live feed video feed of the stage action.

Best Sound Design – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

** Regional Premiere