Salon Romantik, opus 3: Fear & Prophets *

August 29 – September 7, 2013
Salon Romantik, opus 3: Fear & Prophets
Control Group Productions, Site Specific (Denver, CO)
Sound Design

Director: Patrick Muller

A multi-site-specific performance and cultural-historical bus tour from downtown through Denver’s industrial wastelands to the wildernesses of Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Histories, futures, and fictions collide as we travel by bus through built and natural environs from historical downtown through industrial wastelands to the revitalized natural beauty of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. An entirely unique experience of our city, Fear & Prophets reaches into the past to see the future, slamming together Manifest Destiny, the modern Romantic ethos, and pop-culture renderings of the Apocalypse to prophecy our downfall and our prospects for salvation.

* World Premiere