The Anonymous Mr. W. *

a devised work of The LIDA Project based on Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck
The LIDA Project (Denver, CO)
December 1, 2005: Mattie’s House of Mirrors :: Denver, CO
December 8, 2005: University of Colorado :: Boulder, CO
December 16 – 18, 2005: Stage Left :: Chicago, IL
Director / Projection Design / Scenic Design / Producer / Text Creation

It’s up to audiences to interpret for themselves the hula hoop, the vaudevillian routine, the dominatrix doctor, the autopsy on a ticklish cadaver with sand for blood. – The Denver Post

Inspired by Georg Büchner’s unfinished masterpiece, Woyzeck, The LIDA Project reinterprets the story of a young soldier returning from the horrors of war. Reality bends in the unsteady world of this soldier’s mind as he grapples with a society in which he no longer belongs. Originally written in the 1830’s and never finished, Büchner left modern literature with one of its first anti-heroes. This is the portrait of an Everyman who descends into madness and murder.  The Anonymous Mr. W brings this story of war and loss with a vengeance into the post-modern dialogue.

Media Coverage
“Anonymous” hits the road – The Denver Post

* World Premiere