Jon **

Jon **

A play by Seth Bockley
The Catamounts at The Dairy Center for the Arts (Boulder, CO)
March 2 – 16, 2013
Projection Design

Hip, satiric and heartbreaking, it’s science fiction of the best sort—a link between contemporary touchstones…and legitimate questions about how we think and what matters most. – Nina Metz, NewCity

A futuristic allegory about corporate-owned trendsetters living in a bubble of product-testing and commercial producing, where references from marketing campaigns replace authentic experience. A story of love and self-discovery set in a hyper-marketed world gone haywire.

Director: Amanda Berg Wilson
Stage Manger / Board Operator: Corey Crowley
Assistant Projection Designer: Dustin Lacy

Press Coverage
The Catamounts prove a dark future can come candy-colored

** Regional Premiere

Jon, The Catamounts (2013).

Ryan Wuestewald and Sonia Justl in Jon. Photo: Michael Ensminger, Catamounts (2013).