(the world we’ve created) *

Control Group Productions / Sweet Edge, Ellie Caulkins Opera House Blackbox  (Denver, CO)
June 13-25, 2014
Live Video + Performance Installation

(the world we’ve created) smashes together live performance, visual installation, and interactive video and sound environments in a gallery/theater show that delves into the act of creation and the perception of scarcity to create a luscious world of movement, image, sound, and experience.

A collaboration between movement, sound, physical and installations, the evening features multiple collaborative and independent works – installations and performances driven by fundamental questions about our ability to affect our own worlds the nature of the creative act, the perception of abundance or scarcity, and our ability to change ourselves and the world around us.

This work was a commissioned collaboration between Patrick Muller of Control Group Productions and myself. The result was (re)Placed Reality a live video broadcast and manipulation of original dances made by Control Group Productions and Sweet Edge Dance Company that asks the witness/audience to explore the dichotomy facing contemporary, affluently, wired cultures. We created a work of video to ask an audience, in the moment of rehearsed creation/ presentation, what role does documentation and /or augmentation play in the witness (or remembered) experience?

The installation intentionally steals the live event for a hijacked, asynchronous visual creation that is neither a separate event nor an underscore to the live performer.

The work was constructed with structure and algorithm in 5 presentation steps. The steps move in sequence with the numbered performances. The interactivity and audience influence are ordered from an open to a closed system over 5 successive performances.

* World Premiere