Futura **

A play by Jordan Harrison
The Catamounts, Nomad Playhouse (Boulder, CO)
April 1 – 16, 2016
Sound Design / Projection Design

“That rare breed, a ripping good yarn with plenty of intellectual heft.”  – F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

Futura, by Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison, follows a rogue professor who has set out to avenge her missing husband – and the lost art of ink on paper – by conducting a dangerous lesson on typography. When the professor’s lecture jumps the rails, we peer into a near future where desperate people search for the tangible in an ever more virtual age. 

Director: Meridith C. Grundei
Stage Manger /Board Operator: Ashley Beach
Design Assistant: Anson Nicholson

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** Regional Premiere

Futura (2016)

Anne Sandoe in Futura. Photo: Annabel Louise Reader. (2016)