Mouse in a Jar *

by Martyna Majok
The LIDA Project at BINDERY | space (Denver, CO)
April 23 – May 29, 2010
Sound Design / Co-Producer

Before she knew she was my mother, a man put her in his cupboard cuz her country got too cold. – Mouse in a Jar

In a basement apartment, two girls live in captivity with their  mother and her Stockholm Syndrome for her abusive husband. When the eldest daughter goes missing one night, the youngest sets out to cure her mother and get the both of them out by any means necessary.

We see a mother on a leash. We see the bruises. We smell the meat burn. We hear a crash, a thrash. We know the Man in Boots is coming. We know the daughter is out there. We know there is something scrounging in the shadows. Mouse in a Jar is a horror story packed full of oddities and underground life forms. This is Stockholm Syndrome. This is the impossible grace of bondage (no safeword). This is subterranean punk; acts of desperation required.



Director: Julie Rada
Stage Manager: Kenny Storms

** Regional Premiere