Salon Romantik, opus 2: Abysses / Solitudes / Constellations *

Salon Romantik, opus 2: Abysses / Solitudes / Constellations *

Control Group Productions, work|space (Denver, CO)
January 25 – February 2, 2013
Original Soundscapes

Salon Romantik, opus 2, is the second of five Control Group-led explorations of Romanticism. This performance / installation / experimentally-structured two-week event featured independent, collaborative, and intersected works by a dozen extraordinary visual and movement artists.

In this work the sound was made by repurposing / deconstructing / rebuilding original sounds from Salon Romantik, opus 1, along with new time-based works allowing audiences to be guided through the immersive and structured environments of the evening.

Director: Patrick Muller

Salon Romantik 2 (2013)

Salon Romantik, opus 2, an interactive salon by Control Group Productions. (2013)

* World Premiere